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Our Story

Humanity Effect was born out of empathy and love. In January 2023, while on his mission to travel to every country in the world, Cameron Mofid visited Nigeria.


While in Nigeria, he explored the slum of Makoko, which is home to 250,000 of the world's poorest people, many of whom live on stilts in a lagoon. During his time there, he visited the Part of Solution Nursery and Primary School, where he witnessed 351 students attending classes in a floating wooden structure. Cameron was amazed by the children's positivity, despite their lack of access to clean drinking water, vital healthcare, and other essential needs.

Following his visit, Cameron launched a GoFundMe campaign with a goal of raising $5,000 for the school in Nigeria. In about week, over 200 people had donated and collectively raised over $10,000. These donations were enough to ensure that all 351 students at the school in Nigeria had backpacks and uniforms, as well as other vital supplies.

The fundraiser then grew exponentially, when the GoFundME received a $45,000 donation from NBA start Kyrie Irving, which was written about by the NBA, Daily Mail, and other prominent news organizations. Kyrie's donation secured enough funding for a water tank for the school in Nigeria, meaning easy access to clean drinking water for the students. His donation was also used to purchase water shoes for the kids, build a school boat, and supply the school with electricity.


As a result of the significant amount of funds raised, the remarkable amount of progress made in such short time, and the attention the fundraiser received, Cameron decided to launch the Humanity Effect.


Within the first year of operation, Humanity Effect raised more than $100,000 to support the educational endeavors of Nigeria's most underprivileged youth. In January 2024, Humanity Effect began construction for a second school, which will provide instruction to hundreds of children who have been deprived of schooling for throughout their childhood. Through our projects in Makoko, we strive to bridge the empathy gap and inspire humanity to take an active role in affecting change.

Provide education, love, care to the world's most impoverished children

Raise awareness, deepen perspective, and bridge the empathy gap 

Inspire humanity to affect change in their communities across the globe

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